Healthy canteens in sporting clubs and leisure centres

Sporting clubs and leisure centres can play an important role in providing healthy environments and promoting healthy messages.

The food and drink on offer at your venue can send clear messages to the community about healthy options.

Your venue can help teach children and adolescents how to choose healthy food and drinks.

Also, you can increase profits by 10–15 per cent just by making your club or leisure centre’s menu healthier.

Click on the video below to see how easy it is to make changes to your club’s menu.

Read the video transcript – Healthy canteens.

The Healthy Canteens team uses the Fuel to Go Program (external site) – an online Guide to providing healthier food and drinks at sporting, recreation and entertainment venues.

Learn more about what clubs have been able to achieve by reading the Fuel to Go newsletters (external site).

The Healthy Canteens team has been set up to help you implement the Fuel to Go Program. They can help you to:

  • create a healthier menu
  • boost profits
  • reduce food waste
  • improve efficiency.

The Healthy Canteens team is made up of staff from the:

  • WA School Canteen Association Inc.
  • South Metropolitan Population Health Unit
  • North Metropolitan Public Health Unit.

If you would like to have a healthier menu, the first step is to contact the Healthy Canteens team to book a brief, obligation-free menu assessment.

More information

Healthy Canteens team
East Metropolitan Health Service – 9416 3100
South Metropolitan Health Service – 9431 0216
North Metropolitan Health Service – 9301 9219

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