COVID-19 vaccination information for health providers

Health provider training

The below training modules are available to all vaccination providers for the COVID-19 vaccination program in WA.

All participants should complete the training modules prior to commencing their role in the vaccination clinic.

All participants must print out the certificate at successful completion of each module as evidence of completion to provide to their employer.

1) Australian Government COVID-19 vaccination training program

All certified immunisation providers wanting to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination program in WA are required to complete this training PRIOR to engaging in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines.

This national COVID-19 vaccination training program is developed by the Australian College of Nursing and includes the following modules:

  • COVID-19 introduction
  • handling and storage
  • communication and purpose
  • multi-dose vial (MDV) training
  • documentation and reporting
  • safety and surveillance monitoring and reporting for adverse events following immunisation.
  • COVID-19 vaccine specific information

For more information and to access the course, please visit the Australian Department of Health website (external site).

For technical issues relating to access to the program, try changing your browser or contact your local IT support. There is a live chat support function on the program website accessible between business hours.

2) WA Supplementary module for health professionals

The WA Supplementary Information for Health Professionals module (external site) should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and is to be read in conjunction with relevant area service developed standard operating procedures to deliver vaccination services.

Medical Practitioners (GPs) and registered Nurse Practitioners do not need to work under the authority of a Structured Administration and Supply Arrangements (SASA)  as they can independently order and administer vaccines. However, it would be beneficial to complete the very short WA supplementary module as it will provide some WA specific information which is not captured in the Australian Government COVID-19 Vaccination training program. 

NOTE: Sections 1 and 2 above meet the approved training requirements of the CEO of Health SASA’sfor registered nurses, midwives, enrolled nurses and pharmacists.

3) VaccinateWA training module (WA Health staff only)

The VaccinateWA education module provides an overview of the system used to support the end to end delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination program at WA Health based COVID-19 vaccination clinics. Access to the VaccinateWA application, training module and user guides are available through VaccinateWA.

Safety of COVID-19 vaccines

In clinical trials of tens of thousands of patients, the vaccines have been shown to be safe. Worldwide, more than 400 million people have received a COVID-19 vaccine, including tens of millions who have received one of the two vaccines registered for use in Australia, Comirnaty and COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca.

Read more about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Last reviewed: 26-02-2021