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The Health Networks Cancer team is committed to improving the patient experience for people affected by cancer. It provides strategic direction, policy, advice and guidance on cancer control and cancer research in Western Australia and is committed to developing and facilitating implementation of the priorities of the WA Cancer Plan 2020-2025.

The Cancer Network works closely with the WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network Clinical Implementation Unit (WACPCN CIU) (external site) at North Metropolitan Health Service and the Health Networks End-of-Life team

WA Cancer Plan 2020-2025

The WA Cancer Plan 2020-2025 was launched by the Minister for Health, Hon. Roger Cook in February 2020. The plan provides direction for WA to achieve a well-coordinated, consumer focused cancer control system and to improve cancer outcomes for Western Australians. 

The goals of the WA Cancer Plan are to:

  1. reduce the impact of cancer
  2. ensure consumers have the best experience of cancer control
  3. drive cancer control that is based on data and research.

Visit the WA Cancer Plan 2020-2025 for more information about the plan and implementation.

WA Cancer Strategic Leadership Group

The WA Cancer Strategic Leadership Group (WACSLG) was established in July 2021 to oversee implementation of the WA Cancer Plan 2020-2025 and address cancer-related matters that cross organisational boundaries and have state-wide impact.

The following representatives are members of the (WACSLG).

WA Cancer Strategic Leadership Members
  • Medical Advisor, Cancer Network (Co-Chair) – Department of Health
  • Director, Clinical Planning – Department of Health
  • Director, Health Networks – Department of Health
  • Director, Information and Performance Governance – Department of Health
  • Executive Director, Clinical Leadership and Reform – Department of health
  • Executive Director, Patient Safety and Clinical Quality – Department of Health
  • Consultant Haematology, Cancer Lead Paediatrics – Child and Adolescent Health Service
  • Executive Director, Clinical Service Strategy and Population Health – East Metropolitan Health Service
  • Director of Clinical Planning – North Metropolitan Health Service
  • Executive Director of Nursing – North Metropolitan Health Service
  • Director of Nursing, WACPCN CIU (Co-Chair) – North Metropolitan Health Service
  • TBA – Pathwest
  • Executive Director, Clinical Services – South Metropolitan Health Service
  • Nurse Practitioner, Cancer Services – WA Country Health Services
  • Consumer Representative
  •  Cancer Subject Matter Expert

Cancer Leads

The Cancer Network Cancer Leads (PDF 115KB) are expert representatives in their fields of cancer and assist the development of system-wide cancer policy, inform service provision and direction by engaging and connecting the health system, consumers and the Department of Health. Cancer leads meetings are held on a quarterly basis. 

Cancer Leads 
  • Aboriginal – Leanne Pilkington
  • Adolescent and young adult – TBA
  • Breast – Dr Andy Redfern
  • Colorectal – Dr Katherine Broughton
  • Data and research – Dr Angela Ives
  • Gynaecology – TBA
  • Haematology – Dr Tony Calogero
  • Head and neck – Dr Daren Gibson
  • Neuro-oncology – TBA
  •  Paediatrics – Dr Nick Gottardo 
  • Primary care – TBA
  • Psycho-oncology – A/Prof Moira O'Connor
  • Rare and familial – Dr Nicholas Pachter
  • Sarcoma – Dr Richard Carey-Smith
  • Screening and early diagnosis – Dr Hooi Ee
  • Skin/melanoma – Dr Ernest Tan
  • Survivorship – Dr Deborah Kirk
  • Thoracic – Dr Annette McWilliams
  • Upper gastrointestinal/hepatology – TBA
  • Urology – Yuigi Yuminaga

WA Cancer Fellowships

The Department of Health Cancer Network has administered the WA Cancer Fellowship program since 2014 as a commitment to support the cancer workforce and development. The program allows medical practitioners working in the cancer field to develop specialised skills that would not be offered through routine clinical practice to improve cancer care in WA.

For more information visit WA Cancer Fellowships.

For patient information or resources about cancer, visit HealthyWA (HealthyWA).

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