Beach grades for Western Australia

The Department of Health, oversees the microbiological water quality monitoring program for recreational/ environmental waters within Western Australia. Water samples are collected by local government authorities and other stakeholders and is tested for bacteria, and for amoeba in fresh to brackish waters to assess the health of popular waterways used for used activities including swimming, diving, surfing, skiing, wading, kayaking, fishing and boating .

Beach grade risk classifications ( (beach grades) are temporarily assigned in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council, 2008, Guidelines for Managing Risks in Recreational Water (external site) , which combines both the statistical analysis (95th percentiles) of the long-term bacterial water quality, with a risk-assessment of potential faecal contaminant sources in and around the water, such as storm water drains, septic tanks and animals.

Temporary beach grade risk classifications ( (beach grades) have been assigned to the following popular swimming and other recreational/ environmental water locations within Western Australia.

Perth Metro Recreational/ Environmental Waters


Lakes and reservoirs



Regional Recreational/ Environmental Waters

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