Beach grade locations


The intent of the recreational water beach grade classification system is to consider both current and historical information and data to help recreational water users make an informed decision about participating in direct water contact recreational activities at a recreational/environmental water location.

Despite best efforts to classify recreational/environmental water sites accurately, each site classification is only as accurate as the information that has been provided or obtained.

Local water, weather and environmental conditions and circumstances can change within relatively short timeframes, and therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that bacterial water quality will always reflect the assigned classification. Consequently, the Department of Health does not accept responsibility for any decisions, advice, or actions that is given or made based solely in accordance with the site classification information provided.

The information is only intended to guide (but not determine) individual swimming and other recreational water choices. The final decision for deciding whether it is safe to swim or recreate at any recreational/environmental location at any given time is always with the recreational water user.

Metropolitan locations

Beach grades (provisional) have been determined for:

See also Beach grades for Western Australia.

Regional locations

Beach grades (provisional) have been determined for

See also Beach grades for Western Australia.

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