Advance care planning training and resources

Important information

  • Health Professional Guide to Advance Care Planning in WA (PDF 1.5MB) Health professional guide to advance care planning in Western Australia. Features two people talking in one bubble and a picture of a clinician in another. Title of the document is white on a blue to purple gradient
    A detailed guide outlining the role health professionals can play in supporting people through the advance care planning process.
  • The Guardianship and Administration Act 1990 (external site)
    The Guardianship and Administration Act 1990 provides a legislative basis for people to plan for how personal, lifestyle and treatment decisions should be made on their behalf in the future if they are unable to make reasonable judgments about these matters for themselves. The Regulations (external site) were amended in July 2022 and include a revised Advance Health Directive form that:
    • includes the individual’s values and preferences, in addition to treatment decisions
    • combines tick box and free text questions
    • provides more guidance and examples
    • includes consent to medical research.
  • Hierarchy of treatment decision-makers (PDF 1.6MB)
    When seeking a treatment decision for a person who lacks the capacity to make their own judgements, health professionals must follow a set order of decision-makers, as specified in Section 110ZJ and 110ZD of the Guardianship and Administration Act 1990 (the Act). This is summarised by the Hierarchy of treatment decision-makers.
  • Final Report: Review of ACP resources for priority populations (PDF 2MB)
    This review, conducted by Nous Group on behalf of the Department of Health WA, identified 63 recommendations to address the additional barriers that 6 priority groups face and how to better support them in undertaking ACP. Although primarily related to the Department of Health WA’s ACP related resources, several recommendations have broader relevance and applicability to other organisations.

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Advance care planning process

Advance Health Directive

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Goals of Patient Care


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Advance Health Directive launch


Education sessions

Community education sessions

Palliative Care WA delivers free, informative and interactive community workshops on advance care planning and palliative care in Perth and regional WA. Workshops are run in person or online. For more information or to book a workshop visit Palliative Care WA (external site)

Health professional education sessions

Cancer Council WA’s Palliative and Supportive Education Program (PaSCE)

A number of subsidised and free education opportunities that can be accessed by creating a login to their online learning management portal (external site). This includes recordings of a series of advance care planning webinars targeting 5 different care settings.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners webinar recordings

Information for consumers

Introductory information

Guided workbook

Advance care planning documents

Advance Health Directive

Guide to making an Advance Health Directive videos

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Resources for Aboriginal people

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Monitoring and auditing resources

Where to get help

Advance care planning

  • Department of Health WA Advance Care Planning Information Line 
    General queries and to order advance care planning resources and documents (e.g. Advance Health Directives)
    Phone: 9222 2300
  • Palliative Care WA – Advance care planning workshops and support
    Free information, workshops and support with advance care planning for the community 
    Phone: 1300 551 704 (9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day)
    Palliative Care WA (external site)
  • National Advance Care Planning Free Support Service
    General queries and support with completing advance care planning documents
    Phone: 1300 208 582
    Online referral form (external site)

Enduring Powers of Guardianship and Enduring Powers of Attorney

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