Advance CPR decision making in the hospital setting: Teaching package

The Advance CPR decision-making in the hospital setting teaching package consists of a suite of videos and a Facilitator’s Guide. The teaching package aims to:
  • Support clinicians and medical students to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to initiate and engage in patient-centred conversations about CPR decision-making, particularly for those patients who have progressive deteriorating illness and are unlikely to do well with CPR;
  • Ensure that patients are actively involved in determining their goals of care and preferences for appropriate intervention and treatment, in the event of their deterioration;
  • Influence system-wide change in end-of-life decision-making and care; and
  • Encourage reflection and critical thinking.

The teaching package is for use by clinicians to stimulate discussion and sharing of experiences. It is intended to be used flexibly, according to the audience’s experience, needs and time available.

Supporting resources, including Powerpoint slides and workshop handouts, aim to optimise the learning experience.

Facilitator's guide and summary of video content
Overview video
Clinical issues (Video A) and sub sections
Decision making framework video (Video B) and sub sections

Advance CPR decision making - The decision-making framework overview.

Video Title Running time
Part B The decision-making framework 13:06
Section 1 Is CPR decision-making different? (External site) 3:08
Section 2 The medical assessment (External site)
Section 3 Four clinical categories and discussion aim (External site)
Section 4 Documentation (External site)
Communication tips and examples video (Video C) and sub sections
Acknowledgement and suggested citation
You may use and share the Advance CPR decision-making in the hospital setting teaching resource(s).  Please use the following acknowledgement:

The Advance CPR decision-making in the hospital setting teaching resource has been reproduced with permission from the WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network, the Government of Western Australia, Department of Health 2015.

Suggested citation:
Department of Health, Western Australia. Advance CPR decision-making in the hospital setting Teaching Resource: WA Cancer and Palliative Care Network, Department of Health, Western Australia 2015.

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To assist with the evaluation process, we also welcome your feedback on the application of the teaching resources in your workplace and/or educational setting.

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