Procurement Development and Management System Policy

Applicable to: This Policy is applicable to all WA health system entities.

Integrity Statement
WA health system entities must conduct procurement activities to the highest standards of integrity, probity and accountability.

In complying with this Policy, WA health system entities must ensure that:

  • all decisions regarding procurement are made by an appropriately authorised officer, and are transparent and capable of review
  • all conflicts of interest are identified, declared and managed in the public interest
  • the principles of consistency, impartiality and confidentiality are upheld
  • adequate records are maintained to provide for scrutiny and review of decisions.

WA health system entities must comply with all requirements related to the use of the mandatory Conflicts of Interest Policy, and the Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy, including requirements to use the mandatory systems to register, declare and seek approval for any conflicts of interest that arise or gifts received.

Please refer to the Integrity Policy Framework for further details.

Description: WA health system entities are required to maintain procurement and contracts records under a range of legislated and State policy requirements including the State Records Act 2000, and General Procurement Direction: 2021/01 – Western Australian Procurement Rules issued by the Minister for Finance under section 21 of the Procurement Act 2020 (WA).

The Procurement Development and Management System (PDMS) is a solution implemented within the WA health system, designed to support compliance with procurement and contract management record keeping requirements, and promote adherence to relevant policy and process requirements when undertaking procurement and contract management. It aims to provide accurate procurement information across the WA health system to support improved strategic decision making and procurement practices.

This Policy mandates the use of the PDMS by WA health system entities when undertaking procurement and contract management. The requirements support transparency, accountability and informed decision making across the WA health system when undertaking procurement activity.

This Policy is a mandatory requirement under the Procurement Policy Framework pursuant to section 26(2)(k) of the Health Services Act 2016.

This Policy is also a mandatory requirement for the Department of Health pursuant to section 29 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994.

Date of effect: 01 July 2016

Policy Framework

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