Street doctor ready to roll

13 February 2024

Perth's newest mobile GP clinic has hit the road – taking doctors and health care to the suburbs.

New street doctor struck

The new mobile clinic is a valuable addition to the 360 Street Doctor’s aging fleet.

The 360 Street Doctor provides an accessible, non-judgemental health service for people experiencing homelessness, who are transient or facing disadvantage.

The mobile clinics are staffed by GPs, registered nurses, outreach workers, Aboriginal health practitioners, and a pharmacist.

This service takes the clinic to disadvantaged people at familiar locations on a regular timetable, often treating people who are unwilling or unable to access more traditional health services.

The new truck has had a complete medical fit-out with new diagnostic equipment, an energy efficient dual power management system, and the very latest technology - including options to access telehealth services.

360 Street Doctor travels to selected Perth metropolitan locations based on areas of need and availability of nearby support services – often in the same area as services such as drug and alcohol assistance, and mental health support so clients can easily access this help at the same time.