Eligibility for antiviral treatments for COVID-19

23 August 2022

WA Health advises that people who test positive for COVID-19 may be eligible for antiviral medications if they are:

Woman in hospital pharmacy
  • 70 years or older
  • 50 years or older with 2 additional risk factors
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, 30 years or older with 2 additional risk factors
  • 18 years or older and immunocompromised.

Timing is critical – you need to start taking antiviral medications as soon as possible after COVID-19 symptoms start. If you are eligible, you will need a prescription from your GP.

Risk factors include living in residential aged care, living with a disability, some neurological conditions, chronic respiratory conditions, obesity or diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure or living in a remote area.

If you are at greater risk of severe disease from COVID-19, plan ahead and ask your GP what to do if you test positive. This will save valuable time accessing treatment.

For more information, see The Brief: Antivirals eligibility (youtube) video or go to COVID-19 treatments.