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When information overload strikes – how new parents can filter information

There’s no shortage of information about pregnancy and parenting. You can find it in books, DVDs, magazines, the internet, well-meaning family and friends… Sometimes, it might seem like there’s too much information available, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

So what information can you trust?

Tip 1 – check the source

Ask yourself who is providing the information. Is this a source you trust? Have they provided any evidence or references – and are those references reliable?

Tip 2 – take things with ‘a pinch of salt’

Question the motive of the source. Who is most likely to benefit – you or them?

Also remember that shocking information is not always bad or false, just as reassuring information is not always good or true.

Tip 3 – check the facts… then check them again

Is what you’ve read or heard repeated elsewhere? Are the other sources reliable, or is everyone repeating an old wives tale?

Tip 4 – note reliable information sources

Health professionals like your GP or child health nurse are great sources of information, and they can talk you through any concerns. Other reliable information can be found by:

  • visiting the Raising Children website (external site)
  • calling Parenting WA on free call 1800 654 432 (24 hour service)
  • calling the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Helpline on free call 1800 882 436 (24 hour service).

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