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Safe use and storage of chemicals for your pool

Water treatment chemicals are concentrated and toxic substances.

They can react violently with many common household chemicals and with each other. They must be stored with care.

Safe chemical storage

Pool and spa chemicals should:

  • be kept away from children and in areas that are cool, dry and lockable
  • be kept away from petroleum products, such as grease, oil, petrol or liquid detergents
  • not be stored with acids, alcohol, cleaners, soap powders or small quantities of water
  • be stored in a plastic crate if they are in a liquid form - this will contain leaks and prevent chemicals from mixing in the event of a spill.

Safe chemical handling

Pool and spa chemicals also need to be handled with care.

  • Only buy quantities you can use within the use-by dates on the containers.
  • Read and follow instructions carefully. If you do not understand something, ask the retailer or pool chemical specialist.
  • Do not mix chemicals together.
  • Use only clean and dry measuring scoops that are made from plastic, metal or porcelain
  • Use separate scoops for each chemical.
  • Add chemicals to water. Don’t pour water onto chemicals.
  • Wash any spilt chemicals off clothes or skin at once, using plenty of water.
  • Always follow the instructions on pool chlorine containers in relation to safe handling and disposal of the product.
  • If chemical is spilt, splashed, or wiped into an eye, flood the eyeball with clean running water and get to a doctor or hospital immediately.
  • Dispose of water testing samples and spilt chemicals safely. This can be done by diluting with water and disposing in the garden. They should not be put back into the pool.

Where to get help

Advice on water treatment is available from:

Public Health

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