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Food and beverage outlet breaches

The following information contains details of persons convicted in a court of law for breach of food legislation.The aim of this information is to advise consumers about convictions taken under Western Australian food legislation.

See food businesses convicted of food handling and sale offences (external site).

Food offenders

Each entry includes the following information:

  • date of conviction
  • date of offence
  • name of food business
  • name of individual(s) or body corporate(s) convicted
  • address of the offending food business where the offence was committed
  • name of the appropriate enforcement agency (often this is the local government authority in which the food business is located)
  • a description of the offences
  • the penalty imposed and any produce or property forfeited.

How long do offenders stay on the list?

Once published, a conviction will remain on the web-based publication for 24 months from the date of conviction, unless:

  • the food business has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the local government a significant improvement in the management of food safety risks
  • the food business has been sold
  • an appeal has been made against the conviction, or
  • a conviction has been quashed or annulled.

What happens after a business has been convicted?

A food business is required to comply with WA food safety legislation even before, during and after a prosecution is heard in court. 

Enforcement agencies (local governments) employ Food Act 2008 authorised officers who are responsible for regulating these food businesses.

Current legislation and enforcement

Where can I find the current legislation?

You can view current Western Australian food legislation by visiting:

Who enforces the legislation?

Local government environmental health officers (Food Act 2008 authorised officers) regularly monitor food businesses to check if they are meeting food legislation standards.

The enforcement agency can start legal action against a person who has breached food legislation. 

The decision to undertake legal action against a food business is made by the enforcement agency and is dependent on various other factors on how serious the offence is and if any previous offences have been recorded.

Reporting food safety offences

More information

If you require more information about a specific conviction you will need to contact the relevant enforcement agency. In most cases this will be the local government authority where the food business is located.

Find contact details for local government (external site).


  • Local government and the Department of Health work together to protect your health by monitoring food safety and handling in food businesses.


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