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Puberty booklet cover
Puberty booklet

Puberty is the word used to describe all the changes that begin to happen when a child turns into an adult.

Puberty is also a time for young people when changes happen much more quickly than they might be used to.

Some of these changes are physical and so are easier to see, but a lot of changes can affect how young people think and feel on the inside too.

This puberty booklet (PDF 2.6KB) is written by people who understand puberty and want to help guide young people and their adults through this time and has lots of information to help young people feel happy, safe and well!

So, if you or someone you know wants answers to questions like:

  • What are all the changes that happen during puberty?
  • How do I look after myself?
  • Do I have any questions I have been too afraid to ask?

Read or download the puberty booklet (PDF 2.6KB).

Where to get help

Other free helpful resources

Teenagers and adults may also like to read or download Relationships, sex and other stuff.

Parents may also want to read download Talk soon. Talk often. If you prefer to browse this resource online then you can visit the interactive website (external site).

Teachers and parents may want to explore specific relationship and sexuality education topics such as consent, families, gender or the law. If you need more information then there are many different resources on the Department of Health Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships website (external site).

Last reviewed: 28-04-2022

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