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Having a baby at St John of God Midland Public Hospital

St John of God Midland Public Hospital women and newborn health services includes:.

  • midwifery
  • obstetric
  • neonatal care
  • mental health care
  • postnatal care.

Our team of experienced caregivers are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to women and their families.

We offer a range of support services for women including:

  • social workers
  • physiotherapists
  • lactation consultants
  • dietitians
  • diabetic educators.

Postnatal care is provided on the ward and at home for those women within the catchment area through the Home Visiting Midwifery Service (HVMS).

Visiting hours

Visit the St John of God Midland Public Hospital website (external link) for more information, including the latest visiting hours.

Services and features

Antenatal care

Pregnant women who live in the hospital’s catchment area can ask their general practitioner (GP) for a referral to St John of God Midland Public Hospital or women may self-refer by calling the antenatal clerks on (08) 9462 4825.

Women have a variety antenatal care options:

  • The hospital can provide all care during pregnancy and birth.
  • Care is provided on a shared arrangement between the hospital and a GP. At 36 weeks of pregnancy, care is transferred to the hospital until the baby’s
  • delivery.
  • Care is provided by the Community Midwifery Program (CMP) for low risk women to birth at home or at the Kalamunda Birthing Rooms located at Kalamunda Hospital, waterbirth is an option for these women (provided criteria for CMP is met). Care would be transferred to SJOG in the event of any complications.
  • If you are deemed to have a high risk pregnancy and require delivery at King Edward Memorial Hospital, you may be able to have a shared care arrangement with St John of God Midland Public Hospital and then transfer to King Edward Memorial Hospital at 36 weeks.

Childbirth and parenting programs

A range of educational and exercise classes are available. The sessions run over a four week period on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings and include an optional tour of the maternity unit.

Each session is facilitated by a midwife and covers a different topic:

  • Session 1: Labour and birth activities.
  • Session 2: Analgesia options and explaining the unexpected.
  • Session 3: Postnatal period and caring for your baby.
  • Session 4: Infant feeding.

You are welcome to attend every session or just one.

To book, please call the Maternity Ward on (08) 9462 4860.


Physiotherapy treatment is available Monday to Friday as an outpatient during and after your pregnancy. You can also be seen on the ward as an inpatient if required. A referral is required from your maternity care provider (obstetric doctor, general practitioner or midwife). Outpatient hydrotherapy to relieve back pain may also be accessed via referral.

Physiotherapy is available for the following problems:

  • pelvic girdle pain
  • back pain
  • painful episiotomy or tears
  • incontinence– bladder or bowel.


Nutritional counselling is available to women throughout their pregnancy and during the postnatal period.

You can make an appointment through your antenatal clinic midwife.

Social Work

The Social Work department provides support services to patients and their families attending St John of God Midland Public Hospital.

You can request a referral to a social worker through the antenatal clinic.

Social workers provide short-term supportive counselling and access to community resources regarding:

  • adjustment to pregnancy and childbirth
  • relationship difficulties with your family, or others
  • assistance and referral for substance abuse issues and mental health issues/depression
  • practical, financial and legal issues
  • options for parenting support before and after the birth of your baby/babies
  • general grief and loss issues
  • pregnancy loss and stillbirth.

Admission to hospital

During labour

When you come into hospital in labour, a midwife and/or doctor will see you to check your progress.

If you are in early labour, and you and your baby are well, you may be allowed home – otherwise you will be admitted to a birth suite or to the maternity ward.

Booked admission

If you require an induction, your doctor or midwife will discuss the reason for this at your antenatal visit and will book a date for this to occur. You will be advised to ring the Birth Suite Coordinator on the day of your planned induction to confirm your admission time.

Home Visiting Midwifery Service (HVMS)

If you qualify for the Home Visiting Midwifery Service, regardless of the time you leave hospital, you will be visited at home the next day.

Visiting midwives may visit you up to five days after your delivery.

If you live outside our visiting area you will be given information for follow-up care when discharged from hospital.

Your midwife will discuss your discharge plan after your baby is born.

You will need to be seen by a midwife, and possibly a doctor, before leaving hospital.

Providing you and your baby are well, you will be expected to go home within:

  • 48 hours (vaginal birth)
  • 72 hours (caesarean section).

The midwife will visit as needed.

Each woman’s situation will be assessed individually.

The midwife will do physical checks on you and your baby and discuss feeding, settling and any other concerns you may have.

Your baby will be weighed, and the newborn screening Guthrie Blood Spot Test performed 48-72 hours after birth.

The midwife will also advise you of any other tests or referrals that may be necessary.

When you are discharged from the midwife’s care you will need to contact your child health nurse within two weeks or earlier if necessary.

Hospital tours

Organised tours of the maternity unit are held every week, starting from the therapy room. For days and times please contact the hospital.

No booking required.

More information

St John of God Midland Public Hospital
Phone: (08) 9462 4000
Address: 1 Clayton Street, Midland WA 6056
Postal address: PO Box 1254, Midland WA 6936

Last reviewed: 27-05-2022

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