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Family Birth Centre Midwifery Group Practice – a special beginning

  • Your entire birth experience can be as personalised and individual as you desire, within the limits of safety.
  • The Family Birth Centre offers waterbirth for women who have a low risk of developing complications.
  • Certain health issues may preclude some women from attending the centre.

The Family Birth Centre offers midwifery-led care in a home-like maternity unit located next to King Edward Memorial Hospital.

The centre provides a safe and comfortable setting for families to actively participate in every phase of the pregnancy and birth experience.

At the Family Birth Centre there is:

  • care provided by midwives (if no problems develop)
  • continuity of care through appointments with a known midwife within a small group of midwives
  • no restriction on visiting times or the number of visitors.

Epidural is not available however there are other pain relief options.

Childbirth choices

Your entire birth experience can be as personalised and individual as you desire, within the limits of safety.

Your choices will be respected and supported by the centre staff.

For example, any birth position that is comfortable for you is acceptable.


Heavily pregnant woman sitting in a large bath while a midwife presses a stethoscope to her abdomen to monitor the baby.

The Family Birth Centre is pleased to be able to offer waterbirth for women who have a low risk of developing complications.

The centre has a fully equipped, large bathroom to cater for your needs during labour and birth.

Most midwives working at the centre are able to conduct waterbirths, however the bathroom is subject to availability. Waterbirths can only be conducted by midwives who have completed the necessary training.

The midwives at the centre will be able to answer any questions you may have about waterbirth to enable you to make a fully informed decision.

Who can attend?

Certain health issues may preclude some women from attending the centre.

Attendance is restricted to women whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is under 35 and who have not had a previous caesarean section.

If you’re unsure about whether you can attend please check with the centre midwives or visit the King Edward Memorial Hospital website (external site).


Advantages of the Family Birth Centre include:

  • childbirth choices for women
  • comfortable home-like setting
  • partner able to stay continuously
  • low intervention.


Please self-refer by completing the application form available on the King Edward Memorial Hospital website (external site).

Due to high demand, places in the Family Birth Centre are limited so please book in early.


The facilities at the centre include:

  • private interview rooms for antenatal care
  • birth rooms and bedrooms comfortably furnished with:
    • double beds
    • easy chairs
    • ensuite shower
    • toilet
  • individual garden courtyard
  • air-conditioning you can control
  • bathroom with large birth pool
  • large group area for education and socialising.

Midwife role

Experienced midwives at the centre work in a team relationship with:

  • GPs
  • obstetricians
  • paediatricians.

They provide:

  • health assessment and care throughout the antenatal, birth and postnatal experience (regular visits are required)
  • personalised attention to each woman’s individual needs and choices
  • information and support
  • antenatal education covering:
    • physical and emotional changes
    • changing family roles
    • maintaining your health through exercise and nutrition
    • active birthing including coping strategies for labour and pain relief options
    • breastfeeding
  • recognition of complications and referral to medical staff if needed.

All of the specialist support services at King Edward Memorial Hospital are available if required.

Family members and supporters

You should have an adult support person who is willing and available to:

  • attend classes with you
  • support you during labour and birth
  • stay with you at home until you are able to manage independently.

Children are welcome to attend the birth. However, you will need to arrange for an adult (not your support person) to be present to take responsibility for them.

Transfer to King Edward Memorial Hospital

During your labour or birth you may need to transfer to the King Edward Memorial Hospital Labour and Birth Suite for additional care from doctors and other midwives.

If this occurs you may also need to stay on the hospital ward following your baby’s birth.

While at the hospital you will need to refer to the visiting policy – partners are unable to stay overnight.

You will need to make alternative arrangements if this occurs.

You can find out more about transfer to the hospital by talking to the centre midwives during your:

  • antenatal visits
  • parent education classes.

Community Midwifery Program

Women are able to have their baby at the centre under the care of a community midwife.

In this case, education and care is provided by the Community Midwifery Program and not by the midwives at the centre. If you would like this option, you must apply to the Community Midwifery Program directly and not the Family Birth Centre.

For details visit the King Edward Memorial Hospital website (external site).

Postnatal care

Provided all is well, you will be able to be discharged to the comfort of your own home between 4 to 6 hours following the birth. Your midwife will work with you during the antenatal period to ensure you are well prepared for early discharge.

Before you go home your baby will receive a full paediatric examination.

A newborn hearing screening will also be offered.

A midwife will visit you at home for the first few days following your discharge.

They will provide support and advice on caring for yourself and your new baby.

Phone support from a midwife is also available once you have returned home.

More information

Family Birth Centre
Phone: (08) 6458 1800 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.00pm)
Address: King Edward Memorial Hospital, Railway Parade, Subiaco WA 6008 (entrance between Bagot and Barker Roads)


King Edward Memorial Hospital

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