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Chicken is a good source of protein – but if it is not handled, cooked and stored correctly, it can carry bacteria that cause food poisoning.

However, preventing food poisoning from chicken is simple if a few behaviours are followed at home.

  • Never wash raw chicken. It can spread bacteria from the chicken all around the kitchen and food preparation areas.
  • Don't let chicken juices come into contact with other foods. Store raw chicken apart from other foods in the fridge and use different cutting boards and utensils when preparing chicken for cooking.
  • Wrap raw chicken before storing it in the fridge and place it on the bottom shelf to ensure juices don't drip.
  • When defrosting chicken, use the fridge or microwave. Don't let chicken defrost at room temperature on the kitchen bench.
  • Cooking chicken thoroughly will kill bacteria. Cook it until the juices run clear and there is no pink meat.
  • When storing cooked chicken, ensure it is kept chilled below 5C. If it's been left out for more than four hours, throw it out.

It's simple to prepare, cook and store chicken correctly and these steps will help prevent food poisoning.

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  • Never wash raw chicken. 
  • Don't let chicken juices come into contact with other foods.
  • Defrost chicken in the fridge or microwave.
  • Keep it hot – above 60C – or chilled below 5C.
  • Wrap raw chicken and chill on the bottom shelf in the fridge.
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