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Caring for your healed burn

  • Your recently healed burn will be fragile and need care and protection.
  • Your burn can dry out and crack causing an open wound. This can become infected. To avoid drying and cracking, moisturise twice a day using a non-perfumed water-based cream (for example Sorbolene).
  • Your burn may result in a thickened or raised scar. To reduce the chances of a raised scar, massage the area twice a day using a non-perfumed water-based cream. When you massage, you should apply sufficient pressure for the skin to blanch (go white).
  • Your burn may become discoloured if it gets sunburned or exposed to the sun repeatedly. Use sunscreen (SPF 30+) on exposed areas and cover the burn with clothing when going outside for at least two years after your injury.
  • In the first two weeks after your burn has healed, the new skin is softer than on the rest of your body. Protect the area from knocking or scratching as a new wound may develop.
  • It is important to move normally to allow your new skin to stretch. Make sure you have full range of movement and are able to do all your normal activities.



State Burns Service, Fiona Stanley Hospital

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