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Aboriginal health – managing chronic conditions

  • A chronic condition is a persistent long-term health condition.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices can prevent, or reduce the impact of, a chronic condition on your health and quality of life.
  • If you have a chronic condition it's important to be actively involved in decisions about your health and healthcare.

Why do I need to manage my health?

Most chronic conditions cannot be cured, however they can be prevented.

If you already have a chronic condition, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle by:

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits from leading a healthier lifestyle, including:

  • feeling more energetic Aboriginal father and son
  • being happier
  • being able to care for your kids and family
  • spending less time with a doctor or in hospital
  • spending more time with your family, friends and community.

How do I manage my health?

It is important to take care of your health but this does not mean you have to do it alone.

By working with your doctor or health service, you can start to improve your health today.

Have regular health checks

  • Visit your doctor or health service at least once a year for a health check.
  • Talk to your health providers, carers and family about your goals to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Make a plan with your short and long term goals.

Be active

  • Adding regular physical activity to your everyday life is a fun way to keep healthy. Aboriginal health worker and patient
  • By managing your weight better, you will decrease your risk of getting many illnesses.
  • Physical activity can be walking or running, or traditional activities like hunting and fishing.
  • Contact your local health service for a list of community activities.

Eat good tucker

  • Start eating healthier food today to improve your overall health.
  • Eat a variety of fruit and vegetables, raw or cooked of all types and colours. Eat whole fruit rather than juices.
  • Include proteins such as fish, lean meat, kangaroo, goanna, nuts, eggs, chicken and tuna.
  • Limit your fat and sugar intake.
  • Eat food containing less salt and fat.Aboriginal family

Healthy lifestyle

  • Quitting smokes and limiting alcohol intake can reduce your chances of developing many chronic conditions.

More information

Your local doctor or health service can provide information about health programs and community education sessions you can attend.

Where to get help


Chronic Condition Self-Management Program

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