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Cancer incidence, mortality and survival in Western Australia 2019 (PDF 2MB)

Information collected by the Western Australian Cancer Registry is produced into annual reports are to describe the incidence and mortality statistics relating to the different types of cancers. These statistics are typically calculated as rates per 100,000 people and are standardised by age groups (ASRs).

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Cancer incidence and mortality in Western Australia: ISSN 0816-2999

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The Cancer Effect Series

The concept behind the series is to present information about cancer for WA residents using differing analytical techniques and/or presentation methods as well as contextual information usually with input from clinical experts in the field.

The initial releases relate to relative survival for specific cancer types, including some information about the determinants of relative survival. Subsequent releases will cover other information about incidence, prevalence and mortality for specific cancer types.

Last reviewed: 22-03-2024