A snapshot of WA health system initiatives to improve health equity and access to care for people living in low socioeconomic conditions

4 August 2023

The Sustainable Health Review (SHR) calls for a reduction in ‘inequity in health outcomes and access to care with a focus on people living in low socioeconomic conditions’.

As part of this recommendation, the Department of Health has produced a short report on existing and planned initiatives across the health system to enhance communications, policies, programs, and services in a way that will promote health literacy and health equity for people living in low socioeconomic conditions.

As it is unrealistic to document all contributing activities across the health system, the bulletin highlights a selection of best practice initiatives and groups them by theme. Initiatives featured in the report have been identified based on Health Service Providers’ websites and annual reports.

Many of the recommendations of the SHR have a direct bearing on access and equity issues. The Department of Health is looking at ways to support and map the health system’s approach to ensuring that the needs of people living in lower socioeconomic conditions are met.