WA Health and Medical Research Strategy 2023-2033

9 February 2023

The WA Health and Medical Research Strategy 2023–2033 outlines the priorities and direction of health and medical research for the state. The strategy leverages the distinct advantages and opportunities of WA's unique geography and population to strengthen research capability across the sector.

Developed through extensive consultation with stakeholders, including researchers, healthcare providers, funders and industry, the strategy reflects the needs and priorities of our complex health and medical research ecosystem.

With a focus on increasing collaboration, investment, capacity and capability, the strategy will position Western Australia as an international leader in health and medical research and ensure that the benefits of research are felt by the community.

The strategy delivers the foundation for Western Australia to create a vibrant and interconnected research sector. Implementation of the strategy will begin in July 2023, managed by a dedicated team at the Department of Health.

The future is bright for Western Australia's health and medical research industry.

Strategy enquiries: medresearchstrategy@health.wa.gov.au

WA Health and Medical Research Strategy 2023-2033.