Projecting heat-related health impacts under climate change in Perth

9 May 2024

The report investigates the escalating heat-related health impacts in Perth, Western Australia, within the context of climate change.

Extreme heat exposure has been closely associated withan increase in mortality and morbidity, particularly from ischemic heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, renal diseases, and mental health conditions in previous studies. Building upon this work, this report analyses a broader period of historical data and a wider range ofhealth outcomes, including cause-specific mortality, hospital admissions, emergencydepartment presentations and health care costs.

The analysis reveals a significant increase in heat-related deaths, with individuals over 75 and those susceptible to cardiovascular diseases impacted most.

These results align with similar studies, reinforcing the urgency for adaptive measures as recommended in the Australian National Health and Climate Strategy.

Last reviewed: 09-05-2024