WA Health Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy 2015-18

This strategy provides the framework for ICT decision-making and the governance and management of ICT systems and projects.

WA Health’s approach to ICT focuses on delivering the systems which will best support our workforce to deliver safe and high quality patient care and to run our health system.

Unlike previous strategies, this is a short-term three year strategy which focuses on incremental and affordable change to bring current systems up to date, deliver on existing projects and build the foundations for the future. Immediate action needed to address current system issues is defined in this strategy and will be delivered between 2015 and 2018.

Going forward WA Health needs to take a strategic and long term view and deliver a well managed and planned ICT portfolio and define the “future state” – that is, how can clinical workflows and business practices best be supported by technology? This strategy will build the foundation needed to allow us to innovate, take full advantage of emerging opportunities, and achieve more integrated and modern health care systems.

A new ICT governance framework will direct the implementation of the strategy. This framework ensures that decisions about ICT are made by the people who need to use the systems, and not from a technical perspective.

This strategy sets out the 5 key areas WA Health will focus on over the next 3 years. Annual Implementation Plans will detail key actions to be taken each year, including setting out clear timeframes and deliverables, funding implications, and accountability for delivery.