Environmental Health Directorate publications

The following publications are related to the activities of the Environmental Health Directorate of the Public and Aboriginal Health Division. 

Environmental Health Directorate Strategic Plan

The Environmental Health Directorate Strategic Plan 2024 – 2027 (PDF 3MB) outlines the strategic outcomes and priorities of the Environmental Health Directorate for the next four years, with the aim of preventing disease, illness, injury and death arising from environmental health hazards. 

Our strategic directions

The Environmental Health Directorate works towards achieving our desired outcomes by completing activities that align with four key strategic directions:

  1. Lead and innovate
  2. Protect and enable
  3. Steward and assure
  4. Inspire and empower

Our strategic outcomes

  1. Safe food and water
  2. Minimised hazards in the community
  3. Improved environmental health conditions in remote Aboriginal communities
  4. Managed emerging environmental health risks during emergencies and incidents
  5. Continuous improvement of environmental health service delivery

Environmental Health Directorate yearbook

The Environmental Health Directorate’s annual yearbook showcases the many roles, responsibilities and achievements of the Directorate in promoting good health, managing risks and preventing disease associated with various environmental impacts. View past yearbooks:

Environmental Health Directorate customer service and stakeholder engagement charter

The Environmental Health Directorate Customer Service and Stakeholder Engagement Charter (2MB PDF) sets out the commitment of the Environmental Health Directorate to exceptional customer service and the level of engagement that Western Australians can expect from our team. 

Environmental health training opportunities

Learn more about environmental health events, webinars and training opportunities.

Environmental health e-news

The Environmental Health Directorate produces a monthly newsletter providing regular updates on environmental health related activities relevant to Western Australia, including policies, guidelines, legislation, training and other matters of interest. 

View past e-news (external site). 


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