ED weekly activity

The tables in the links below show the current weekly activity of emergency department services.

ED attendances 
ED attendances are the number of patients recorded as arriving at a public emergency department.

ED admissions 
ED admissions are the number of patients who are subsequently admitted to the hospital for care and/or treatment.

Ambulance attendances
Ambulance attendances are the number of patients who arrived at a public hospital emergency department by ambulance.

Ambulance diversion
Ambulance diversion is the number of hours that ambulances are diverted from a metropolitan hospital emergency department to another metropolitan hospital emergency department.

ED triage attendances and waiting time
ED triage attendances are the number of patients recorded as arriving at a public emergency department service. They are allocated an urgency category for treatment after having a brief interview on arrival. Waiting time is the median time (in minutes) patients wait for treatment in their urgency category.

Ambulance ramping and off stretcher time
Ramping is the length of time (in hours) that ambulances wait outside a hospital when the hospital's Emergency Department is unable to accept patients.

Off stretcher is the length of time between the arrival of an ambulance at a hospital Emergency Department (ED) and the point in time that the patient is transferred from the care of the St John Ambulance Australia (SJAA) crew to the care of the ED staff. This report displays the percentage of patients that are handed over to the care of ED staff within 20 minutes.

Please note: The Department of Health is working with Peel Health Campus (PHC) to include PHC emergency department data in the ED activity public reports, noting monthly PHC data for ED attendances and wait times are available via the Western Australian Emergency Access Target Report.

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