28 May 2024

WA women set to benefit from additional access to the pill

Western Australian women can now get a resupply of the oral contraceptive pill at their local participating pharmacy.

The additional access will make things easier and quicker for thousands of women who have run out of repeats or whose prescriptions have expired.

Women are eligible for resupply of certain oral contraceptive pills through their local participating pharmacy if they:

  • are aged between 16 to 39 years
  • have taken the pill continuously for two years, as prescribed by a GP or nurse practitioner
  • are taking a low-risk oral contraceptive pill for contraceptive purposes
  • are deemed safe by the pharmacist to continue taking the pill.

The specially trained pharmacists will provide a confidential consultation and, if suitable, resupply oral contraceptive pills for up to 12 months. After 12 months the patient will have to go back to their GP for a medical review prior to their new prescription.

As part of the pilot, participating pharmacists will need to complete additional training so they can provide an informed assessment before issuing a resupply of the pill. For more complex cases, pharmacists will refer patients to a medical practitioner for further investigation and tests.

Fees for consultation and medication will apply. For more information visit the Department of Health website. To find your local participating pharmacy visit www.findapharmacy.com.au (external site)