8 February 2024

Heatwave hints

As Western Australia prepares for another heatwave, WA Health is urging people to take steps to protect themselves against heat-related harm.

Disaster Preparedness Director Dr Tudor Codreanu said while heatwaves were nothing new, it was important that people didn’t become complacent.

“We know that Western Australians – particularly those in regional areas – experience high temperatures regularly, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to the effects of a heatwave,” he said.

“Heatwaves is the deadliest natural event in Australia but they do not need to be because a few simple, low-tech precautions such as staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and dressing in lightweight, breathable clothing are enough to make the difference.

“Also, remember to check on vulnerable people such as older Western Australians, children, pregnant women, Aboriginal people, sick people and those living in remote areas of WA.”

For more information and tips on how to stay safe in a heatwave visit HealthyWA.