09 June 2021

COVID-19 update 9 June 2021

The Department of Health has reported no new cases of COVID-19 overnight in WA.

The State’s total remains at 1018.

WA Health is monitoring one active case of COVID-19 ­– 1008 people have recovered from the virus in WA.

The Department of Health previously advised it is taking a cautious approach to a previously confirmed case of COVID-19.

The man spent only a short time in the community, visited only a few places and wore a mask. He has returned to hotel quarantine based on an abundance of caution. Contact tracing is underway, again as a precaution.

Previously all cases were cleared of their infection based on the national guidelines which does not always involve a test before completing their isolation. A pre-clearance test will now be performed in all cases.

The man does not have a variant of concern and was previously vaccinated against COVID-19.

Potential exposure sites are listed on the HealthyWA website.

Yesterday, 1044 people were swabbed at WA Health COVID clinics.

There have been 1,224,078 COVID-19 tests performed in WA. Of those, 155,255 were from regional WA.

For the latest WA vaccination figures, visit the COVID-19 Coronavirus: Vaccination dashboard.*

To date, 96 cases of variant strains have been detected in Western Australia – 53 of the Alpha (UK variant) strain, 15 of the (South African variant) strain, one of the Gamma (Brazilian variant) strain and 27 of the Delta (Indian variant) strain.

The State Government has issued advice for travellers who have recently returned from Victoria and they are reminded to continue to monitor the Vic Health website for updated exposure locations.

WA Health is also aware of new exposure sites in New South Wales linked to the Victorian outbreak. Anyone who has recently arrived into WA from New South Wales or the

Australian Capital Territory and has been to one of the listed exposure sites during the relevant times is required to get tested and self-quarantine for 14 days.

Recently returned travellers from NSW and the ACT should continue to monitor the NSW Health website and the ACT Government site.

WA will continue to seek information on the Victorian outbreak and other affected jurisdictions with updated health advice provided as required.

A list of testing clinics is available on the HealthyWA website.

Visit WA Health’s HealthyWA website for the latest information on COVID-19. 

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*Note 1: WA vaccination data for the WA COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard is sourced from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). AIR is a national register maintained by the Australian Government that records all vaccines given to all people in Australia. WA data includes all COVID-19 vaccinations in WA, whether administered by WA Health, Australian Government providers or other providers (including GPs). WA previously reported only WA Health data. Note that the dashboard does not update until after 2pm Monday to Friday. A vaccine dashboard data interpretation guide is also available to help you.