30 December 2021

COVID-19 update 30 December 2021

Exposure sites will continue to be updated on the HealthyWA website. People are encouraged to check this site regularly.

WA Health has reported three new local cases to the end of the last reporting period (8pm last night) – two which were publicly announced yesterday.

This means there is one new local case today that has not been previously announced.

This case is a contact of one of the local cases reported yesterday. He has been transferred to a state quarantine hotel. Contact tracers commenced interviewing this case overnight to determine, in detail, from where they may have been infected and their movements while infectious. More information on this case and their exposures sites will be released as it comes to hand.

The two other local cases announced yesterday are now in hotel quarantine. The first was not considered to have been infectious while in the community. The second has now been interviewed with exposure sites related to her movements published on the HealthyWA website.

Further, two cases related to returned travellers have also been reported. Both these cases are in quarantine hotels.

WA Health has now identified 720 close contacts with 40 yet to be tested and 1488 casual contacts with 328 yet to be tested*.

WA Health’s contact tracing team is working to identify and follow up contacts and confirm exposure sites. See below information for exposure sites.

The State’s total stands at 1153, with 1116 people recovered. There are now 28 active confirmed cases in WA (including the two new local cases).

Exposure sites

Exposure sites are listed on the HealthyWA website. It’s likely more sites will be added and people are encouraged to keep checking the site regularly.

If you have been to an exposure site on the dates and times listed, or you are contacted directly by WA Health, you are urged to:

  • immediately isolate from others in your home
  • get tested at a COVID-19 clinic, wear a mask and travel directly there
  • continue to isolate until a negative result is returned, unless instructed otherwise by WA Health
  • clinic locations are on the Healthy WA website.

Testing clinics

5,181 Western Australians were swabbed at clinics yesterday.

WA Health is expanding testing capacity, including operating hours of clinics over the Christmas period. There are many clinics available – people are encouraged to check the HealthyWA website to find clinic locations and opening hours.

Private clinics are also available. Testing is available free of charge at private testing clinics for people who have been advised by WA Health to get tested.

With the hot weather, people are encouraged to plan ahead and bring a hat or umbrella, sunscreen and water, and to arrive 15 minutes before closing if possible.

Safe WA

On 29 December, 1,824,211 scans were recorded on the Safe WA App. This is a 19 per cent increase from the previous day.

Border controls

Information about Western Australia’s controlled border arrangements, conditions of entry and quarantine is available online.

COVID-19 vaccinations

COVID-19 state-run vaccination clinics administered 10,550 vaccines yesterday.

Since yesterday, a cumulative total of 39,077 COVID-19 vaccine doses were recorded in WA, 17,969 of these were second doses. The total includes 12,381 historic COVID-19 vaccine doses. These figures represent COVID-19 vaccinations at State-run clinics and doses given as part of the Commonwealth rollout**.

People are reminded that it is important for everyone who has received their second dose of the COVID-19 five*** or more months ago to get their booster vaccination now without delay to ensure they have maximum protection again COVID-19. Do not wait until it is too late - act now and get vaccinated. Note: from

For the latest WA vaccination figures, visit the COVID-19 Coronavirus: Vaccination dashboard (external site)****.

Mandatory vaccination information

mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for a majority of occupations and workforces in WA is being introduced in a phased approach. For more information on getting your COVID-19 vaccine, visit: https://rollup.wa.gov.au/


To date, 196 cases of variant strains have been detected in Western Australia – including 9 Omicron strain, 53 Alpha strain, 15 Beta strain, one Gamma strain and 118 Delta strain.

Visit WA Health’s HealthyWA website for the latest information on COVID-19.

Follow us on Twitter: WAHealth

*The number of close and casual contacts is not static and may change as further information becomes available. Close contacts are added when identified and intensive investigations to locate them are undertaken.

** WA vaccination data for the WA COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard is sourced from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). AIR is a national register maintained by the Australian Government that records all vaccines given to all people in Australia. WA data includes all COVID-19 vaccinations in WA, whether administered by WA Health, Australian Government providers or other providers (including GPs). WA previously reported only WA Health data. Note that the dashboard does not update until after 2pm Monday to Friday. A vaccine dashboard data interpretation guide (external site) is also available to help you.

*** From 4 January 2022, booster vaccinations will be available four months after a person has received their second dose.

**** A vaccine dashboard data interpretation guide (external site) is also available to help you.