18 April 2020

COVID-19 update: Travel agent appointed to help Australians return to home States

With the recommencement of commercial flights within Australia, people who have completed their 14-day quarantine period are now able to make their way home.

To assist, the State of Western Australia has appointed a travel agent to help bring home Western Australians currently in other States and to return those quarantined in Perth back to their state of origin.

The appointment of FCM Travel Solutions will provide support and assistance to those who need help booking their commercial flight to get them back to the comfort of their own homes faster.

While the cost of the flights will be the responsibility of the individual, associated booking fees normally associated with a travel agent will be covered by the State of Western Australia.

To continue to protect the Western Australian community, Western Australians returning home will need to produce their letter of quarantine completion upon arrival and undertake a further 14-day quarantine at home. Exemptions may be granted, but these will need to be applied for in advance. Visit the wa.gov.au website for further information.

Travellers leaving Western Australia should check in advance with their home states any conditions applying to them.

The FCM Travel Solutions dedicated phone number for post-quarantine travel into and out of Western Australia is 1300 165 764.

Note: To align with other Australian states, Western Australia will continue to accommodate people for a period of 72 hours post-quarantine completion to allow them adequate time to book and board a flight. For those who have already completed quarantine and are awaiting a flight, the 72-hour period will commence from 1100hrs WST today.

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