Smoke Free WA Health

All WA Health owned and leased premises are smoke free.

Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes and personal vaporisers, is not permitted on Department of Health or Health Service Provider premises throughout Western Australia.

Staff, patients, visitors, contractors and volunteers are not permitted to smoke in hospitals, community health centres, office buildings, grounds, car parks or vehicles.

Why smoke-free?

WA Health recognises that exposure to second-hand smoke is a proven health risk, and an occupational health and safety issue for staff, patients and the community.

The most effective way to protect WA Health staff, patients and visitors from the adverse health effects of second-hand smoke is to provide a smoke-free environment.

Smoke-free environments:

  • protect and improve the health of staff, patients, visitors, contractors and volunteers
  • protect smokers and non-smokers from the health risks associated with exposure to second-hand smoke
  • complement community-wide tobacco control measures that are reducing the prevalence of smoking
  • set an example to other employers and workforces, particularly in government and health-related areas.

Mandatory Policy

The Smoke Free Policy, under the Public Health policy framework, specifies the requirements that the Department of Health and Health Service Providers must comply with in order to support a smoke-free environment.

Signage resources

Smoke-free signage is imperative in communicating that WA Health grounds are smoke free.

Two key messages were developed for both the Western Australian Country Health Services and Metropolitan Health Services.

Signage featuring these messages will ensure consistency and credibility across West Australian health facilities.

Brief advice training for WA Health staff

Staff are encouraged to achieve competency in delivering smoking cessation brief advice.

Brief Advice Training – Health Services (external site) is a self- paced, 30-minute online package for WA Health staff.

The training was originally developed by Quit Victoria and Alfred Health, in partnership with health services in Victoria. It has been contextualised for use in WA in collaboration with Cancer Council WA and the Department of Health and aims to equip WA Health staff with the skills, confidence and knowledge to provide smoking cessation brief advice to patients.

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Last reviewed: 29-06-2021
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