Research governance

Three researchers at table, examining the data

The WA Health Research Governance Framework  (external site) governs the scientific, ethical and governance review, approval, conduct and monitoring of human research within WA public health organisations.

Research Governance Service

The Research Governance Service (RGS) (external site), supports the WA Health Research Governance Framework. The RGS is a centralised web based information system for investigators, project members, sponsors, Hospital Administrators/sites, Human Research Ethics Committees & Research Governance Offices to complete, submit, administer, track and report on ethics and governance documentation throughout the lifecycle of a project, including authorisation, monitoring, closure and publications.

All WA Health research project ethics and governance applications must be submitted via RGS.

The RGS contains information on its public pages regarding:

  • Research Governance Framework
  • Research Ethics
  • Research Governance
  • Multi-centre Research
  • Research Education
  • Investigator Speciality List (RGS researchers by speciality)
  • Committee Meeting Calendar (WA Health HREC meeting dates)
  • Document Templates
  • Contacts
  • Help Wiki Guidelines (for use of RGS)