Moving to WA


Your employer may offer assistance with finding temporary accommodation for you upon arrival. Alternatively, temporary accommodation can be easily arranged over the Internet or by telephone. When you first arrive in WA you may wish to stay in a hotel or motel.

If you want to rent or purchase a house or apartment these external links may help:


You can apply for Australian citizenship if you have lived in Australia for 2 years as a permanent resident during the last 5 years. This must include spending a total of 12 months during the last 2 years in Australia. All applicants must also be of good character.

Drivers licence

Visitors including temporary visa holders may drive on their overseas licences. If you have a permanent residency visa you will need to apply for a WA drivers licence within 3 months of getting the visa.

Employment for partners

Typically, WA has one of the lowest national unemployment rates. A range of job vacancies can be found in many occupations. Online job websites include:

Health insurance

Medicare is the national health insurance scheme for Australian residents. You may be eligible to join Medicare if you have permanent residency.

Private health insurance can cover items not covered by Medicare. Those with temporary residency should apply for private health insurance, as there are limitations on access to some medical treatment.

All employees on sponsored visas must have private health cover.

What can you bring?

Household goods and personal effects can be moved to WA as unaccompanied sea or airfreight. In order to protect our unique environment, there are strict conditions on what you can bring into the country, including your pets.