Living in country WA

Moving to the country is a big decision. It often involves leaving family, friends and established social networks.

Spend some time researching your new town. Talk to the people who live there and find out what it is like to be a local. If possible try to visit the town before moving. There is no better way to appreciate a community than to physically see and explore it.


The cost of living can vary widely depending on location, including:

  • accommodation costs
  • food prices, especially fruit and vegetables
  • the price of petrol.


Most country towns have access to at least one bank branch, an automatic teller machine and a post office. There is usually at least one supermarket, but large department stores and clothing boutiques are less common.

All country communities have access to land telephones. Mobile coverage will depend on your provider. Internet access is widely available although connection speeds vary. A wide range of radio and television stations broadcast in the country. Both Western Australian newspapers are delivered to the country.

Entertainment and social events

Country towns are never short of entertainment, including touring bands, cinema and a range of cultural events. You will also find yourself engaged in entertainment unique to your community, such as festivals, race days or fairs. Many of these events have become iconic of the Australian culture. Entertainment is not less in the country, but it is different.

Sport is the lifeblood of rural communities and is often the key to socialising. Most rural communities, even the smallest ones, will offer a range of sporting options.

The Aussie pub is the cornerstone of any country community. No matter how small, all country towns will have a pub or sports club (or two). Clubs such as Rotary and Lions are a major part of rural community life, as are volunteer organisations. These can be a great way to not only get involved in the community, but also to meet new people. 

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Last reviewed: 21-10-2021