Worm based sewage treatment systems

Worm based systems include a filter bed that contains worms and microorganisms that compost sewage. This produces a more stable and less offensive smelling product.

The effluent is collected at the base of the bed and disposed of after biological treatment.

The system need to be operated within its optimal operating conditions and maintained regularly.

Failure to do so may cause the system to fail.

A failed filter bed is very costly to reconstruct.

Unapproved systems


Manufacturer: Biolytix Ltd
Model: Biolytix BF-6 Aerated
Reason not approved:

System was previously approved for use in WA, but was withdrawn when the Australian branch of the company went into administration in 2011.

The system has been re-evaluated and not approved due to clogging concerns. No systems can be installed at present, even if approval was granted previously.

All previously installed systems can still be operated as long as they are serviced at 12 monthly intervals by an authorised service person.

Biolytix – New Zealand (external site)
Phone: + 64 800 700 818

More information

  • Water Unit, Environmental Health Directorate
    Department of Health
    Telephone: 9388 4999
    Email: ehinfo@health.wa.gov.au