Working with Schedule 2 and 3 medicines

Authorised health professionals, pharmacists and licensed retailers may purchase, administer, supply and sell Schedule 2 (S2) and Schedule 3 (S3) medicines under the Medicines and Poisons Regulations 2016.

Purchasing medicines

Schedule 2 and 3 medicines must be purchased from a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler


Schedule 2 and 3 medicines must be stored away from public access. Precautions must be taken to ensure they are not accessible to unauthorised staff.


The supply of pseudoephedrine requires the authorised person to sight photographic identification of the purchaser and record a name and address in an approved system.

Retail sale

Only a pharmacist at a registered pharmacy or a licensed Schedule 2 (S2) retailer may offer S2 medicines for retail sale.

Only a pharmacy may offer Schedule 3 (S3) medicines for retail sale: general rules on therapeutic need, packaging, labelling and quantities sold apply (see Supply).The pharmacist must personally supervise the sale of S3 medicines.

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