Wastewater dump points

Wastewater dump points are public facilities provided by local governments to receive wastewater and liquid waste from caravans and other vehicles with mobile toilet and sanitation fixtures. The location of these facilities are listed on the National Public Toilet Map (external site).

Dump points are not sewage treatment systems, and are not designed to accept fixed and continual disposal of effluent from caravans and other vehicles. They are designed to collect once-off discharge from such vehicles into a holding tank for collection, or into a reticulated sewer managed by a licensed service provider. 

It is not recommended to have a dump point in conjunction with an onsite wastewater system. This is primarily due to the potential interference of chemicals, such as formaldehyde, which are commonly used in recreational vehicles to prevent odour emissions. These chemicals can disrupt the biological processes within the wastewater system. As a result, there is a higher likelihood of unprocessed wastewater and solid materials accumulating and potentially causing blockages in the leach drains.

For more detailed information on Wastewater Dump point design and approval process refer to the Wastewater Dump Point Design Guideline(1.01 MB)

Last reviewed: 24-04-2023
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