Walk With Me Project

Resources to support alcohol and other drug early intervention and withdrawal management

The Walk With Me Project: Pathways to alcohol and other drug early intervention and withdrawal management responds to several findings and recommendations in the WA Methamphetamine Action Plan Taskforce Final Report (external site):

  • The challenges people face with accessing drug and alcohol services; and without help to do so – juxtaposed against the relative ease of access to substances: meth users on the "Take a walk with me" working group have made statements such as "I'll find you three shots in 15 minutes."
  • The need to improve access to alcohol and drug services, including withdrawal management care.
  • The need to intervene early to prevent entrenched use and reduce drug-related harm, promoting the use of screening tools and establishing targeted early intervention pathways.

The Walk With Me Project was a Health Service Provider (HSP) collaborative between the East Metropolitan, North Metropolitan, South Metropolitan and WA Country Health Service. The Project explored how HSP clinicians can walk with their patients in the spaces of drug and alcohol early intervention, including screening, and withdrawal management.

Through the Walk With Me Project, models of clinical practice, partnerships and pathways in drug and alcohol early intervention and withdrawal management have been developed in consultation with consumer and community representatives, HSP clinicians, and the wider alcohol and other drug sector in WA.

Key project documents and resources

The following clinical practice guidelines have been endorsed by the Methamphetamine Action Plan Committee. The guidelines are key supporting documents of the revised WA Health Alcohol and Other Drug Withdrawal Management Policy (PDF 244KB).

Additionally, implementation tools have also been developed to support implementation of the above models and include:

More information

Contacts for Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Assessment, Treatment and Support (PDF 112KB) contains contact details for health professionals requiring AOD advice.

Last reviewed: 21-04-2022