WA Trauma Training and Education Unit Courses Cancellation Policy

The Western Australian Trauma Training and Education Unit (WATTEU) Cancellation Policy applies to all courses conducted/facilitated by WATTEU.

All offers are valid for 14 days. Once offers have been accepted, this cancellation policy applies. Registering for a WATTEU course implies full acceptance of the following policy and conditions for registration fees, withdrawal, refunds, transfers and cancellations.


Cancellations advised in writing, eight weeks prior to the course with no course material having been distributed, will be refunded with $50.00 deducted for administrative costs.


A  refund  will  only  be  paid  where  written  notice  is  provided  eight  weeks  prior  to  the  event  commencement date, and no course materials have been posted. Refund = registration fee less administration fee of $50.00.

A refund will not be paid in the following circumstances:

  • failure to attend the allocated course
  • following distribution of course materials.

Special circumstances and course transfer may be considered on application to WATTEU, and must be received in writing to WATTEU@health.wa.gov.au. 

If a request for refund is approved, this will be issued within four weeks of written notification. 

Transfer to another WATTEU course

A registrant may request a transfer to attend another WATTEU course in the following circumstances:

  • written  application  to  transfer  received by WATTEU eight  weeks  prior  to  commencement  of the original registered course
  • in the event of failure to attend due to ill health of self or dependants, the registrant must notify WATTEU as soon as possible and a medical certificate or statutory declaration must be produced to validate the absence, and a written application to transfer to another course must be received within five working days of the commencement of the course, failure to do so will see any fees paid forfeited
  • transferring to another course will incur an administrative fee of $50.00 to be paid by the registrant prior to transfer to the new course
  • the requested course is to be completed by the registered person within the same financial year. If a course is not available within that timeframe it must be undertaken within six months of the end of that financial year
  • decision to accept the request to transfer is subject to course availability and is at the discretion of WATTEU
  • only one transfer of course registration is permitted.

Transfer registration to another person

If  a  transfer  of  registration  does  occur,  this  is  to  be  completed  no less than two  weeks prior to  the course commencement:

  • the enrolled course registrant must notify WATTEU of their desire to transfer their registration
  • it is the sole responsibility of the enrolled course registrant to organise their replacement and advise WATTEU via email (WATTEU@health.wa.gov.au) of the transfer and supply a completed application form for the transferee
  • an administration fee of $50.00 will be applied to the transfer and charged to the course registrant
  • it is the sole responsibility of the course registrant to provide all course materials to their replacement
  • if the new course registrantaccepts a reduced precourse timeline (30 days), then a “Book Receipt Waiver” form must be signed acknowledging and accepting reduced preparation time and this must be submitted to the WATTEU Office on transfer
  • no further cancellation, transfer or refund will be accepted on this registration.

Course cancellations by WATTEU

WATTEU reserves the right to cancel planned courses, even at short notice, in particular if:

  • the minimum number of participants has not been reached, or
  • other essential conditions for the course delivery change.

In such an event, a registrant will be moved to another course of their choice, subject to availability, and no extra fees will be incurred.  The course must be attended within the same financial year, in the event that a course cannot be attended within the same financial year, a refund will be offered minus the cost of any course material already distributed.


All refunds and cancellation fees will be administered at the sole discretion of WATTEU.

It  is  the  responsibility  of  the  prospective  course  registrant  to  notify  WATTEU   (Email: WATTEU@health.wa.gov.au or contact 08 6457 3699) if they are unable to attend a course for which they have paid.

Course materials are protected by intellectual property laws and the registrants are prohibited from reproducing any course materials without the prior permission of WATTEU. 

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