WA Anticoagulation Medication Chart

For facilities that treat adult patients

Please note:
Each hospital is required to check with their Pathology laboratory to determine the hospital specific therapeutic target range for unfractionated heparin against a gold standard test (e.g. residual anti-Xa activity). 

Because of this hospitals should not use a WA Anticoagulation Chart from another hospital as aPTT target ranges will change from hospital to hospital.

WA Anticoagulation Medication Chart supporting Resources

Supportive clinical guidance document

Please refer to local guidelines

Anticoagulant Incident Review

The below resources are only accessible to Department of Health Staff.

Registry for change

All change requests to the WA Anticoagulation Chart should be lodged to the Medicines and Technology Unit


Recommendations for change must be evidence based, with the primary objective of improving patient safety.

Last reviewed: 16-02-2024
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