Training and qualifications for aquatic facility personnel

The Code of Practice requires that aquatic facility operators ensure that qualified personnel operate, manage and maintain these facilities. Read more about the Code.

People working at aquatic facilities have primary responsibilities requiring qualifications in:

  • plant operation and maintenance
  • supervision and lifeguarding of patrons
  • emergency response including aquatic rescue and resuscitation.

People must obtain qualifications from a training program approved by the Chief Health Officer (CHO) (Section 6.1 Interpretation of the Code).

Approved training programs or courses require:

  • delivery by a registered training organisation
  • course content covering the relevant national unit of competencies prescribed by the Code, for the relevant qualification concerned
  • delivery and assessment by personnel holding a Certificate IV: Workplace Assessment and Training and/or with relevant industry expertise, experience, or competence
  • registration with the Training Accreditation Council of WA (external site).

The Group 3 Aquatic Rescue training is an exception to the above requirements.

Approved training programs

The following training programs listed below have obtained CHO approval and as such and are recognised as approved training programs in relation to Section 6 of the Code.

Technical operations

Group 1 Aquatic facilities technical operations

Royal Life Saving Society (WA Branch)

This training program is delivered in accordance with Section 6.2.1 Group One Facilities and Section Technical Operations of the Code of Practice, September 2008.

The program is delivered at Central TAFE WA and prerequisites include pool lifeguard and senior first aid certificates.

Group 2, 3 and 4 aquatic facilities technical operations

Royal Life Saving Society (WA Branch)

Patron/participant supervision

Group 1 aquatic facilities patron supervision

Royal Life Saving Society (WA Branch)

H2O Pro

Allens Training

Group 2 aquatic facilities participant supervision

Royal Life Saving Society (WA Branch)

Allens Training

Group 3 aquatic facilities patron rescue

Aquatic rescue for group 3 pools

Royal Life Saving Society (WA Branch)

Allens Training

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