Tobacco is dangerous

Each year smoking is responsible for the deaths of 1,500 Western Australians. If tobacco was “discovered” today and tested as a consumer product it would fail because  smoking kills about two thirds of all people who are regular smokers.There are over 7000 chemical compounds in cigarette smoke. Smoking causes:

  • 16 types of cancer
  • heart and vascular diseases
  • respiratory diseases
  • eye disease, dental disease
  • gastrointestinal disease 
  • and affects reproductive health, the immune system 
  • and almost every organ in our body. 

Tobacco smoke also affects non-smokers who breathe in second hand smoke

Selling e-cigarettes (HealthyWA) in WA is illegal. The Department of Health continues to monitor emerging evidence on e-cigarettes, including information on a range of Public Health concerns raised in relation to their availability, promotion, safety and efficacy for various purposes.

Cost of smoking

Individuals, businesses and governments all bear the costs of smoking. The total social costs of smoking in Western Australia in 2009/10 were about $3.0 billion, representing $1,287 for each person in WA.

Increasing the price of cigarettes through higher taxes is an effective way to 

  • discourage non-users from starting 
  • encourage current users to quit 
  • discourage former smokers from starting again
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