Telehealth information for health service providers

Delivering outpatient services via videoconferencing requires health service providers to think differently about the way they deliver patient-centred care.

Did you know in 2017, telehealth saved WA country patients from travelling 27.3 million kilometres?

Learn more about how telehealth has helped you and your patients with the infographic (PDF 212KB).

Clinicians throughout metropolitan and rural health services are using telehealth across a wide range of specialities and disciplines including:

  • plastics (burns, wound clinics etc)
  • urology
  • pain medicine
  • gastroenterology
  • speech pathology
  • neurology
  • respiratory medicine
  • child and adolescent, adult, and older adult mental health services including clinical consultations, case reviews and clinical supervision
  • paediatric outpatient services in a range of specialty areas including orthopaedics, rehabilitation, burns/plastics and developmental paediatrics
  • joint replacement assessment clinic outpatient service, for the periodic review of patients following joint replacement surgery
  • geriatric medicine service, for the delivery of geriatric assessments, case reviews and education.

Benefits for your patients include:

  • reduces the stress and inconvenience of travel
  • less time off work
  • less time away from home
  • ability for family members and carers to attend the consult
  • significant financial savings.

Benefits for you include:

  • less stress and inconvenience for your regional patients
  • more consistent and coordinated regional patient follow-up
  • technical support from the Statewide Telehealth Service Desk
  • access to educational and training telehealth network
  • ability to include relevant family or carers within the consult
  • reduced need for clinicians to travel to their patients
  • improved information exchange between multidisciplinary teams.

More information

To find out more, contact the telehealth team at your metropolitan hospital site or search ‘Telehealth’ on your health service’s Intranet or email:

If you are a private health service provider, call 1300 367 166 for more information.