Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC)

Information for Health Professionals

Our expert team of highly qualified and experienced staff consists of:

  • female and male Doctors
  • female and male psychologists, social workers and clinical psychologists.

Education and Training

SARC Education and Training was established in 2004 in response to the Gordon Enquiry and provides training and education to health professionals, and also works to increase community knowledge and skills and to challenge the myths surrounding sexual assault and sexual abuse.

SARC is located on the King Edward Memorial Hospital site in a building that is separate from the hospital, designed to maintain a sense of confidentiality and to provide a non-hospital environment.

The aims of SARC Education and Training are as follows:
  • Provide healthcare workers with quality, evidence based education and training opportunities on issues related to sexual assault and sexual abuse.
  • Build the capacity of the workforce to effectively respond to disclosures of sexual assault and sexual abuse.
  • Increase the knowledge and understanding of workers in WA, about sexual assault, sexual abuse and the impact of trauma.
  • Develop culturally appropriate resources to support people who have experienced sexual assault or sexual abuse and workers who work with survivors.
  • Support the Sexual Assault Resource Centre to provide best practice services to clients who have experienced sexual assault and/or childhood sexual abuse.


SARC offers a range of presentations, providing quality, evidence based education and training on issues related to sexual assault and sexual abuse to professional workers, students and volunteers.  
Topics below are available at low cost, facilitated by and experienced SARC trainer and delivered at your workplace to your team.

Sexual Assault and Responding to Disclosures – General

1 hour - Covers general information about sexual assault and skills for responding effectively if a client/patient discloses sexual assault.

The Impact of Trauma

1 hour - Many clients/patients have childhood trauma experiences that impact them into adulthood. This presentation examines many of the impacts and how to work effectively with survivors.

Building on Trauma Knowledge

1 hour - Must have attended The Impact of Trauma in the last 6 months.

Trauma Counselling: Where to Begin

90 minutes - Suitable for people in formal counselling roles who work with trauma survivors (eg Social Workers, Youth Workers, School Psychologists).  The presentation covers the initial stages of the counselling process.

Vicarious Trauma and Self Care for Workers

2 hours - This presentation examines the possible impacts on workers from working with clients and patients who are experiencing hardship. It identifies a range of strategies for promoting self-care.

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Abuse in the Clinical Setting

For nurses, midwives, doctors & physios
1 hour - Covers skills for responding effectively if a patient discloses sexual violence in the clinical setting. 

Presentation fees (gst included)

  Department of Health (DOH) External to DOH
1 hour $250 $260
90 Minutes $325 $340
2 hours (or 2 x 1 hour) $400 $420
Customised training POA POA

To reserve a presentation, please contact or view our website (external site) at  for more information.

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