Reproductive Technology Treatment Registers

The Reproductive Technology Treatment Registers include treatments, identifying data of participants, partners and donors and non-identifying donor descriptions. The registers have been in operation since 1993 with significant changes in legislation and content of registers occurring in 2004. Information is submitted to the registers by licensees. Licensees are people who hold a license to provide reproductive technology services in Western Australia.

Data governance

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) team manages the Reproductive Technology Treatment Registers. The Assistant Director General, Clinical Excellence Division is the data steward and the Principal Data Management Officer of the MCH is the data custodian.

The Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991 (external site) and the Human Reproductive Technology Directions 2021 (external site) require licensees to report information about reproductive technology treatments they perform. Information is to be reported as specified in the Data Submission Specifications (PDF 757KB).

Data sources

Data submissions are received from licensees providing private and public services for assisted reproduction in Western Australia.

Data elements

The data items contained in the WA Reproductive Technology Treatment Registers are described in the Data Submission Specification (PDF 757KB).

Data coverage

Information is about donor insemination, invitro fertilisation, embryo transfer and embryo move. Demographic data is provided for the female participant, her partner and any donors of gametes or embryos. Non-identifying information about donors is also collected. 


  • Treatments in WA
  • Donor insemination
  • Invitro fertilisation
  • Uterine transfer of embryo/s
  • Intrafallopian transfer of gametes
  • Import or export of embryos between clinics within WA or beyond


  • Partner insemination
  • Ovulation induction
Data quality

Cooperative processes between Maternal and Child Health and licensees aim to ensure data quality improvement and measurement.

Data requests

Requests for data must be directed to RT Data.

Data collection changes

Changes to the Data Submission Specifications (PDF 757KB) occur from time to time.

Reference material

Data must be submitted as specified by Data Submission Specifications June 2021 (PDF 757KB)

Two forms included in the specifications:

Please download these forms to be completed and submit securely using MyFT.

Training and education

For information about how to submit data to the Reproductive Technology Treatment Registers email RT Data.

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