Registration and licensing – Public Health Act

Part 8 of the Act provides a framework for the registration and/or licensing of activities declared by the regulations to be public health risk activities.  

Is Part 8 applicable to local government enforcement agencies?

Yes. The regulations will prescribe who the appropriate enforcement agency is for each registrable and/or licensable activity. This may be the local government, the Chief Health Officer or both.  

The appropriate enforcement agency will be required to administer Part 8 of the Act in conjunction with any regulations related to a prescribed activity.

What activities will be registrable or licensable?

The regulations will declare what is a public health risk activity and if it is required to be registered, licensed or both.

For example:

  • public events 
  • pesticide operators 
  • skin penetration businesses and 
  • aquatic facilities 

may have registration and/or licensing requirements once new regulations are made under the Act.

What is the process for registration or licensing?

Enforcement agencies are required to assess applications for registration and/or licensing of a declared public health risk activity.

In deciding whether or not to grant or refuse an application, the enforcement agency must have regard to any matters prescribed by the regulations in relation to that activity.

Last reviewed: 18-12-2020
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Environmental Health Directorate