Port Hedland air quality and noise management plan

Port Hedland is a major Western Australian regional population centre and Port Hedland Port is one of the world’s largest iron export ports.

The growth and intensification of mining related land use has lead to residential areas directly adjacent to ore loading operations and stockpiles which are significant sources of dust.

WA Health advised the taskforce on the toxicology and health effects of dust and recommended measures that would protect the public from the impacts of high levels of dust.

The WA Department of Health is a key member of the taskforce that include representatives of:

  • the Town of Port Hedland
  • the Port Hedland Port Authority
  • iron ore exporters including BHP Billiton Iron Ore , FMG and Hancock Iron Ore; and
  • Government agencies including DSD, Planning, and Environment and Conservation.

Read the Port Hedland Air Quality and Noise Management Plan (external site).