Patient safety – Counter culture

As health services work to promote a 'just culture'. There are several factors that can prevail and prevent the development of this aspect of an effective safety culture. These factors have been identified by some experts as ‘counter cultures’ and include blame, liability and fear resulting from hierarchical and paternalistic leadership styles.

In the UK Michael West is an expert working in the area of teamwork, leadership and culture. Michael advocates that staff well being which is critical to safe effective patient care is supported by compassionate, collaborative leadership. Read more on The Kings Fund website (external site).

When a clinical incident investigation identifies the potential for individual health practitioner performance concern these must be investigated separately by the appropriate Human Resources/Integrity Officers. If the concerns identified warrant the circumstances should be reported in accordance with legislation and integrity policies.

Watch this video on the performance management and incident investigation presented by Dr Matthew Thomas (external site).

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Last reviewed: 08-04-2022
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