Patient safety reporting

Your safety in our hands in hospital

Your safety in our hands in hospital is published annually by the Patient Safety Surveillance Unit as part of a commitment to transparent public reporting of patient safety data. The report integrates statewide clinical incident (including sentinel events), mortality review, and complaint data. Case studies are incorporated throughout the report to highlight the patient story behind patient safety events, and to help share lessons learnt from these events.

From Death We Learn

Each year the Patient Safety Surveillance Unit publishes From Death We Learn, a review of past coronial inquests that provide key messages, recommendations and actions taken by the WA health system to address the Coroner's concerns. The Patient Safety Surveillance Unit supports the death prevention role of the Coroner in publishing this booklet, in the hope that the lessons learned improve the care and outcomes for future patients.

External reviews

Periodically external reviews of components of the safety and quality system in the WA health system undergo external review. These external reviews provide an invaluable perspective on the current state of safety and quality and recommendations for improvements. Recent reviews include:

Request for patient safety reports

For details on obtaining further information relating to these reports or other patient safety data refer to data governance.

Last reviewed: 08-04-2022
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